Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Grammy

Your breathing turned shallower
and shallower
until a peaceful last breath
gave your sick lungs silence.
Now you are with Our Lord
taking full, pain free breaths
hanging out with Grandpa
dancing with Jesus
showing off your tap and line dance skills
playing golf on an unimaginably beautiful course.

No longer will I hear you ask
"how's my Sarah?"
I loved being yours
you made me feel special, wanted.

You were there
when I needed to laugh
or cry
you took my tears
replacing each tear
with optimism
and a smile.
You believed in me
what I could and will achieve.

You were there
helping me build a dollhouse
then counseling me
as I built a new life
you told me real men
act like Grandpa did
and Dad does.
You advised me
on how to make my new house
a home.

you warned Dad and I
that the world is falling off it's axis
I am not afraid, Grammy
because you will be there with God
to pick us up
dust us off
and place us back on the right path.

You will be there
watching over your family
guiding your grandchildren
You will be there
as Amanda and Kevin adopt children
when Kelly graduates from High School
as Sarah walks down the aisle to wed a man you approve
while James and Kelly fall deeper in love, each day
with Tim and Jennifer as their nest empties of children
guiding Liz and Blaine as they raise their twins.

Your are a guide to us all Grammy
rooted in our hearts
your spirit is with each of us
as we move through life
we will not forget
the love you created
within this family
and the love
you endeared and touched
upon each one of your
and great-grandchildren.

I love you Grammy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am fundamentally bored by the unprecedented rhetoric of politicians and the media. Fundamentally, in unprecedented action, I may send "them" an unprecedented, fundamental thesaurus.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


is unfamiliar
walking toward
my progressing car
focus reveals
long hair, beard
tall lanky body
his large hand
pushes away
stray curls,
the ponytail
will not hold
a simple action
too familiar
my palms sweat,
chest tightens,
beats of my heart
in my ears
I stare
he waves
is a stranger


A multitude of wondrus puffy white clouds decorate the blue sky, which toy with the sun's rays; the rays bound out from the lumpy sides of the clouds in a fractal array--unless the sun hides behind a bounteous cloud leaving my part of the world in momentary darkness.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the dark side of the moon must be full of of notches and crevices like the bright side but how nice to be dull dark without light to fortell your features an ability to blacken the truth to tell only those worthy of hearing. I want to sink into and cradle my self into one of those soft crevices enveloped in the darkness stillness pillows abound under my head blankets floud overtop purifying comfort volcaninzed away in seconds as flames send molten wrath through my once dark still brain skull head which now has nerves jirating in red in proof the dark side of the moon has color.

Monday, February 23, 2009

life in cyberland is supposed to ease life, yet life seems to harden, recess. My federalized converter has turned snow to skewed pixeled dots. twitter is new communication to learn, the young-uns are current users, I am no longer in that bracket; what bracket am I in? Where do I belong? who knows, but I, but I don't know, so there's the problem and that is maybe why I am in therapy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Deadly Sins

What are the Seven Deadly Sins?
I can't name all Seven
So I know
I am in trouble
I am sorry to say
Life is even more deadly
now that the Pope
has added seven more Deadly Sins.
That is fourteen sins that kill
Fourteen acts
just one will lead to the guillotinne.
Do not forget
there are also ten